Clean-tech and Renewable Energy


The clean-tech and renewable energy sector refers to green energy derived from natural sources such as natural gas, oil, photovoltaic energy, solar thermal energy, pumped storage energy, wind, wave and water-generated energy, biomass and geothermal energy.  Humanity’s obligation to protect the environment entails recycling, desalination, eco-efficient production technologies, energy saving technologies, reduction and filtering of impurities and more.

Clean-tech and green energy play a major role in the Israeli economy and help fuel Israel’s leadership in global innovation. Many companies and startups are working to develop and lead complex projects working with water technology, fuel substitution, and energy efficiency, waste water recycling systems, water desalination and more. Because this sector faces unique challenges, including a complex regulatory environment, special tax treatment, and complex business models and project structures, it must be flexible in seeking funding sources and be prepared to examine alternatives for financial investments.

Angel & Angel CPA’s accountants, economists and tax consultants bring exhaustive knowledge and extensive experience to this field, based on their successful guidance of dozens of companies and projects in the sector. In addition to their creative and innovative approach, our team also enjoys considerable expertise in local and global regulations and legislation and benefits from close contacts with experts in the sector in Israel and abroad. We provide our clients with wide range of services and solutions tailored to their specific needs and designed to maximize their financial performance and profits.

Services offered to our customers in the clean-tech and renewable energy sector include:

  • Auditing and accounting
  • Assistance with Israeli and international taxation
  • Formulation of tax strategy
  • Tax planning in Israel and abroad
  • Examination of financial feasibility of projects and business ventures
  • Preparation of business plans and assistance in raising funding and addressing other business requirement
  • Valuation of the company and its activities
  • Conducting accounting, financial and taxation due diligence
  • Support in preparing EPCM, EPC, PFI, turnkey, BOT and other types of contracts
  • Examining fundraising strategies and locating investors
  • Identifying strategic partners in Israel and abroad via the ANTEA international network
  • Assistance to Israeli companies entering international markets
  • Assistance in obtaining government incentives from the Office of the Chief Scientist, the Government Investments Center, bi-national funds, European funds, and more
  • Support in executing mergers and acquisitions