Energy and Infrastructure


Israel’s energy and infrastructure sector has expanded significantly in last decade, due mainly to the discovery and development of vast natural gas fields in the depths of the Mediterranean. In the wake of dramatic changes in the gas and oil sector, accounting standards and tax regulations have changed accordingly. The infrastructure and conventional energy sector, as opposed to the green and renewable energy sector, refers to civilian and urban infrastructure, such as roads, public transportation, water and air transportation and water, electricity, gas and oil supply systems.

Angel & Angel CPA brings its specialized expertise and vast experience with the oil and gas sector to projects in this sector. In addition to their detailed and up-to-date knowledge of all the relevant accounting and regulatory requirements, tax laws restrictions and financial aspects of complicated projects, our team of accountants is uniquely qualified to facilitate the development and execution of transactions and tenders.

Our firm has extensive experience advising and assisting companies engaged in complex projects such as power stations, construction of waste disposal sites, etc. Our team guides companies through all the phases of the work, including planning and development, financing and construction of energy and infrastructure projects, including BOT and PFI projects.


We supply the following services for energy and infrastructure projects:

  • Auditing and accounting
  • Assistance with Israeli and international taxes
  • Feasibility studies of financial, taxation and accounting aspects of investment in infrastructure and energy projects
  • Review of regulatory demands and recommendations for appropriate adjustments in operations
  • Preparation of multi-year financial plans
  • Economic review of investment projects in the oil and gas energy and infrastructure sector in Israel and abroad
  • Advice and guidance in planning and budgeting of infrastructure projects, including alternative options in lights of accounting and tax implications
  • Assistance in raising capital for energy and infrastructure sector projects
  • Consolidation of financial models for making investment decisions
  • Review of financing options, support and organization of public debt financing from banks and institutional investors
  • Assistance to entrepreneurs and companies in applying to bilateral funds for financial assistance for infrastructure projects in Israel and abroad
  • Support and advice in filing tenders
  • Analysis and financial risk management