Intellectual Property: the following articles, we will examine and compare the taxation and tax laws of the various countries and their reference to intellectual property.

Intellectual property is reserved for protecting creations of the mind in which the author’s personality is captured, and that are unique creations, not industrially manufactured or mass-produced.

These creations can be literary and artistic works such as novels, poems and theatre plays, films, musical works, artworks, drawings, paintings, photographs and sculptures or architectural designs, as well as rules for games and computer programs.

Understanding the differences in the various tax regimes can help intellectual property owners, entrepreneurs and business owners to properly plan the creation and creation of this intellectual property in order to save current and future tax on the sale or development of the intellectual property.

We strongly recommend that any entrepreneur or business owner who owns or creates intellectual property, to consult in the early stages of his activity regarding tax planning in order to optimize the business plan and reduce tax exposure.

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