International Business, April 2018, Updates from the World:

ARGENTINA: Income Tax Reform – Schedular Tax

BULGARIA: Changes in the Bulgarian Value Added Tax Act effective as of 2018

CANADA: Québec Sales Tax Restrictions; a 26 Year Temporary Tax Measure that Comes to an End

CYPRUS: Cyprus amends VAT; imposes 19% on sale of building land and leasing

ECUADOR: “How the Economy Reactivation Law will stimulate companies´ split- off in order to reduce tax payments”

GERMANY: Plans of the “new” German government for the next 4 years

HUNGARY: The implementation challenges of the new European data privacy regime

ISRAEL: Investment in Real Estate, Israel as a choice investment destination

ITALY: Registration for VAT purposes in Italy of non-established taxable persons

JAPAN: Outline of the revision of the transfer pricing documentation under BEPS project

MALTA: Yacht registration in Malta

MEXICO: US 2018 tax reform for corporations

PARAGUAY: National soya stands out worldwid

PORTUGAL: Portuguese new rules regarding the transportation of used food oil (UFO)

SERBIA: Serbia narrows down list of services subject to withholding tax

SINGAPORE: Singapore budget 2018 Executive Summary

SPAIN: International tax planning through entities holding foreign securities holdings (Entidades de tenencia de valores extranjeros) (ETVEs)

UAE: E-commerce in United Arab Emirates

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