International Taxation


International Taxation is a challenging and dynamic field which has been profoundly affected by globalization and changes in political, cultural and economic relations among countries. Taxation issues have had to adjust to new global realities, where companies and businesses operate in more than one country and are obliged to pay taxes to more than one tax authority.

Governments all over the world have realized that in order to ease the burden on multinational businesses and to encourage the development of international trade and local economies, they must enter into bilateral tax treaties. To date, Israel has signed bilateral tax treaties with approximately 50 countries around the world, thus enabling businesses and companies working globally to engage in strategic tax planning and save capital. Any company involved in international business activities, such as trade, service supply or off-shore investments, requires the services of international tax law experts knowledgeable about the laws in different countries and able to adjust a company’s taxation structure so it can operate effectively in the global economy and successfully face complicated tax issues.

Angel & Angel CPA offers tax solutions in the international arena, including:

  • Strategy and policy formation for transfer pricing compliance
  • Market research for estimating the feasibility of a transaction for tax and accounting purposes
  • Preparation of documentation and professional materials according to the transfer pricing regulations on both local and international levels
  • Negotiation with the Israeli and foreign tax authorities in order to receive preliminary approval (Pre-ruling) when indicated
  • Preparation of reports for review by the tax authorities according to local and international regulations.

Our team has enormous expertise and years of experience in dealing with international tax matters. We provide a full range of business taxation services that enable companies, corporations and private organizations to plan their global business activities carefully and astutely, while taking advantage of tax benefits in every country and in accordance with existing tax treaties.

In order to design a comprehensive solution in international taxation matters, we cooperate with lawyers and accountants throughout the world via the ANTEA professional network, an international association of independent firms providing auditing, business consulting and tax and legal advice. Angel & Angel CPA is a member and exclusive representative of ANTEA in Israel. Among the countries with which we have gained considerable experience and enjoyed strong working relationships are the United States, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Austria, Germany, France, England, Gibraltar, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Belgium, Switzerland and more.

We provide our clients with international consulting and extensive one-stop-shop services, including:

  • Tax structure planning for holdings and investments in Israel and abroad (mergers, company splits, transfer of assets between off-shore companies, reorganizations, benefits, encouragement laws, etc.)
  • Assistance in establishing entities in Israel and setting up a fiscal representative
  • Establishing and managing offshore companies and assisting in their business development
  • Filing annual reports and financial statements in Israel and abroad
  • Analyzing tax considerations when transferring operations to a foreign country or another local area
  • Providing optimal tax planning and drafting investment activity agreements for during international transactions
  • Representing foreign companies in Israel
  • Analyzing tax benefits for new immigrants and returning residents
  • Formulating transfer pricing and tax solutions between companies and entities
  • Assistance with pre-rulings or preliminary decisions with tax authorities
  • Examining foreign real estate taxes
  • Assistance in filing forms in the target countries and working with the various tax entities
  • Assistance in receiving benefits, incentives and tax credits under foreign laws and double tax treaties
  • Assistance and consultations for relocating workers regarding local tax matters and other relocation issues

Angel & Angel CPA strongly recommend that our clients consult with us regarding tax issues that arise while managing their businesses and planning for future tax payments. We encourage our clients to contact our experts with any question in order to best manage their business and financial matters. We can offer you tailor-made, unique tax solutions for existing or anticipated tax issues. Do not hesitate to contact us!