Real Estate Sector


The real estate industry is a pillar of the local and global economy, and its substantial impact on all sectors of the economy creates significant business and regulatory implications. The sector includes ​​public and private construction, non-residential construction, commercial real estate, urban renewal, green building and more. Diverse business entities operate in the sector, including private corporations, public companies, independent contractors, voluntary associations and others. The sector is subject to a high level of government and bureaucratic involvement from bodies such as the Israel Land Authority, the Ministry of Construction, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, local authorities and more. The real estate sector in Israel is dynamic and challenging and working with it requires a deep understanding of all its functions, unique approaches to its specific challenges and specific, up-to-date knowledge of regulatory and legislative changes.

The Angel & Angel CPA team has wide experience in real estate transactions and specializes in providing a range of specialized services for corporations, organizations and individuals engaged in the real estate sector and entrepreneurship.

Real Estate Taxation

Real estate tax is a complex field which demands knowledge of Israel’s ever-changing tax laws, understanding and practical experience in a variety of transactions and the ability to provide creative solutions quickly. In numerous cases, real estate and large financing transactions involve tax appeals.

The Israeli real estate taxation system is often ambiguous, and the professional opinion of a tax accounting expert is essential before any decisions can be made. The scope of the tax could have a huge impact on the feasibility and advisability of a project or acquisition of commercial properties, large real estate projects, multiple asset purchases, international real estate activities and so on. We strongly recommend that you consult with our experts during the initial stages of planning any real estate transaction. In addition, we offer real estate consulting regarding the legal, financing, economic and business aspects of the transaction.

Our real estate tax experts provide one-stop-shop services including tax advice and planning, and designing management and assessment procedures. We also provide:

  • Tax planning for real estate transactions
  • Consulting and tax planning, including indirect taxes
  • Support in procedures before various tax authorities in the real estate sector, such as income tax and VAT
  • Management of betterment tax assessment and improvement taxes
  • Advice regarding urban renewal taxes, TAMA 38, vacate and renovate procedures, etc.
  • Taxation advice for contractors and entrepreneurs
  • Advice regarding real estate taxation in the agricultural sector
  • Advice regarding taxation for purchasing groups and combination deals
  • Guidance for real estate funds regarding investment taxation aspects relevant to investors in the fund and the fund itself, such as the method of reporting to investors, the withholding tax, etc.
  • Examination of taxation fees and charges
  • Examination of tax benefits of real estate transactions
  • Analysis of international real estate tax issues, such as tax on rental income, inheritance tax on real estate property, etc.